Sunday 15 June 2014


I was inspired to do some painting when I saw this Father's Day idea. It's always exciting to get out the painting supplies and sit down with a fresh white piece of paper! It only took about an hour to create two picture and two greetings cards and it was so fun.
First I tried doing some washes on card with stripes of paint in bold acrylics. I painted the front of a blank greetings card and an A5 piece of watercolour paper in blue-green. Then I got the idea of adding a pen drawing over the top to create a sea scene. To finish it off I added white paint inside the pen outlines, but thin enough so the background comes through.

I cut a sheet of of thin plastic to the size of the painting to protect it. I also created a brown paper bag to store it in.

I also had to make a birthday card so did a rainbow wash on a blank greetings card and then stuck over 'Happy Birthday' cut from white paper. I think it looks quite effective and fun!

I hope this post has shown you how easy and effective painting can be and it has inspired you to make time to create something yourself! Please leave a comment and let me know what you make. 

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  1. They're both so pretty! I've just started getting into quilting, and I also love making little felt animals


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