Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cute Flower Needlecase

Here is another needlecase that I have made, and maybe my favourite one! It will make a really cute and girly gift for a friend who sews or is learning to sew. It is fun and simple to make, and only takes a little time. Fill it with needles to complete the gift! And you could always give it to yourself, I mean, could you bear to part with it?!

The needle case is essentially a fabric sandwich. The front circle is made of two pieces of cotton stiffened with interfacing and sewn together with blanket stitch around the edge so the inside looks neat and you cannot see the wrong sides of the fabric. I appliquéd the leaves and sewed the button onto the front piece before joining the two pieces. Two pieces of white felt for holding pins and needles are in the middle of the sandwich, and to finish there are two more circles of cotton sewn together like the first. To secure, layer up the sandwich and sew along one small section of the side to bind all pieces together.

Tip: Stiffen the fabric shapes for your appliqué with iron-on interfacing and join it with bond-a-web before sewing around the edges. 


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