About Me

Hello there!
My name is Izzy and I'm fourteen years old. Every day I get inspired by little things, often on my favourite blogs. My dream day would involve making something with my hands: baking or sewing or designing, and also curled up reading a really good book which will then inspire me to write something myself. I love being with friends, playing the guitar and writing songs, and just dreaming. I love taking photographs, especially of little people. I love food.
But more important than all these things about me, is my identity in Christ. He is my best friend, my best inspiration, my best teacher, my Saviour. I love him more than anything else, or at least I know I should!


The purpose of this blog is to inspire you. It is also a way for me to record the best of all my makings and photographs. I'm sharing lots of recipes, photos, gift ideas, sewing projects, and more. Please excuse the not-always-great photos and randomness that may occasionally ensue! I hope that you enjoy reading and are inspired. And if you are, I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Hey! I really like your blog and I am starting my own one. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on the layout and stuff?

    1. Hey Jess, thanks so much! I've emailed you with some tips :)


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