Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mocha Torte {recommended recipes}

June is full of birthdays for my family, so theres always a bit of a scramble when it comes to who's making the cakes. I got to make my Dad's cake this year, and I knew straight away that it should be chocolate. I searched around pinterest for ideas, as I wanted something different, but I just found loads of 'best ever chocolate cake' recipes.

Then I remembered that I'd been wanting to try a special occasion cake from The Caked Crusader blog, as they always look really good! The mocha torte looked perfect, combining my Dad's love of chocolate and coffee. As I read through the recipe it sounded better and better: a hazelnut base.... baked ganache filling... coffee cream... more hazelnuts.

As I had a busy weekend I could spread the work by making one element at a time. I decided to go for a simple topping of roasted chopped hazelnuts instead of the extra cream and chocolate on top. All the elements were really nice and balanced well, with contrasting and complimenting flavours and textures. It's very rich, which was appreciated, and as we couldn't manage big slices there will be enough left for another slice each (if Dad doesn't get there first!) a rare thing in a big family. So yeah, I would totally recommend this Mocha Torte recipe!

. . .
Now I am getting a little busy to do so much blogging, I thought I'd start a new series. {recommended recipes} will be reviews and photographs of recipes from the internet that I've successfully made. See all of them here. Enjoy!


  1. So glad you enjoyed it - yours looks a lot smarter than mine!

  2. This is gorgeous Izzy - so professional!! Well done! x


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