Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Red Velvet Heart Cake

I made this cake early because it was actually an engagement cake to celebrate today. I wanted to use red velvet cake and a heart shaped tin, which I think worked well. The recipe for the cake was from The Pink Whisk blog, and used gel food colouring rather than loads of liquid food colouring. You would need about one and a half tubes of Dr. Oteker gel food colour in red. It looks really red inside it's just where the edges are browned more the colour doesn't show through as strong! The recipe made 24 cupcakes, which was three layers in a medium-sized tin for me! Taste-wise, I don't think the recipe was completely perfect but my family and I really enjoyed it. I am excited to try one with beetroot next!

The cream cheese icing is from the same blog's recipe, and I mixed in 100g of cooled melted white chocolate at the end. It tastes absolutely divine with the tangy cream cheese and sweet white chocolate and deliciously creamy! I used a palette knife to smooth the icing in between the layers. It behaved really well as it wasn't too thick or thin!

For finishing touches I simply used dark chocolate and beetroot chips which I think look like red petals or confetti!. For the chocolate I simply used a peeler to make little curls. The recipe for the beetroot chips is here, the only changes I made were to use no salt or pepper, and I thought I could get away with baking them at the same temperature as the cake but they were a little bitter tasting then. Also, using a one small beetroot made just enough and I thought they looked better smaller.

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  1. What a perfect cake for an engagement - and I love your decoration too


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