Monday, 10 February 2014

Bible Posters 5: John 3:16

One of the things I love to design are posters of bible verses. I have been working on creating digital copies of some of these lately. As the first series on my blog, I am going to show these, one at a time, on Sundays (yes, today it's late!) on the blog. I hope you like them. At the moment I want all my posters to stay here on my blog, so I have labeled them with my blog address. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest where someone had written out John 3:16 and marked out the letters of the word valentine. This was interesting to me as I thought about how the verse about God's love could be related to valentine's day, which is about our love for others.  God's love is far a greater, deeper, and truer love than any emotion a human can feel. We cannot fully understand his love, but we can see it evidenced in our lives and in all the world around us. In no way is this love better demonstrated than on the cross, where he sacrificed Jesus for us. Our love is often based on selfishness, but God's love is demonstrated in an act of amazing selflessness- he died for us! And as the verse says, this love brings life to us, because it frees us from sin. If Valentine's day is about celebrating love, what better love do we have to celebrate than His?

I made these posters using free photo editing, adding text to a background found online. I used several effects and couldn't choose which I like best! Which one do you prefer?

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  1. I love the posters: what they say, how they look an everything! : )
    I am more drawn to the green one at the bottom! (I love all of them. : D)


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