Monday, 24 February 2014

Life {Monday 24th}

This past week I've been having a half term break from school work. I have no finished projects yet to show for it, just a few works in progress, mainly of the sewing kind. But spring is in the air, and I've been finding many opportunities to use my new camera. This morning we had a quick trip a local garden and the light was so warm and bright and everything seemed so right for photography! I followed this robin around for a while and he was most helpful, looking at the camera and staying still for me to take his picture.

These muffins are the result of a half an hour spent with a little friend of mine. It's so sweet to see her enthusiasm for things like licking the spoon and washing up!

The daffodils are out, hooray! Every time I catch sight of them above my desk I'm happily reminded of the slow shift in the seasons.

And here is a sneak peak at one of my sewing projects. I'm hoping for to complete this pot holder and write up a tutorial sometime soon.

I do hope you enjoy the week that lies ahead and that the lovely weather will continue!

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