Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Fashion Designs: Summer

I am staring a series for 'Fashion Design' called 'My Fashion Designs' with my drawings of outfits I have designed. I am really excited about sharing some of my work here! 

For the past year I have enjoyed drawing in my Top Model book, which has the outlines of models in various poses drawn in lightly for you to draw onto. I have used these for the following designs.  I also have recently got some Glitter Pens and Skin and Hair Colour Pencils made by the brand which are good to use but not of great quality. 

The designs above was the first I ever did in this book, going for a cute sporty look. The first design features shorts, t-shirt and net tights. The second design is a t-shirt with chinos and a padded bag.

The deigns here are inspired by the maxi trend, and feature multiple fabric designs on each item. I had fun designing the accessories! 

I don't usually design things in this style, but I am pleased with the results, especially like the t-shirt print: the words 'All the things I want to say' surrounded by other letters. 

These outfits are inspired by bright, detailed prints combined with trendy shapes. The second outfit is a biker jacket, printed leggings, and sandals.

Beachwear! The first outfit is a mini beach dress with detailed bodice, and it is not see-through, I just wanted to show the bikini underneath! The second is a tankini top and shorts with flip flops.

I hope you liked seeing my designs, what ones are your favourites?


  1. I like all of them! The maxi dresses especially.

  2. Love all of them too - but really like the 'Love' dress-top and the black long dress!


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