Thursday, 29 August 2013

Voyage on the Great Titanic

I've always loved the 'My Story' series. The books are written as the imagined diaries of girls and boys at different times in history. 'Voyage on the Great Titanic' is the diary of the Margaret Anne Brady, written by Ellen Emerson White. I have read it twice on my own, and once aloud to my sister. The fictional Margret 'writes' well, describing the Titanic, the people and the events of the journey in a pleasant and witty way. It is wonderful read that really involves you in the story, not sparing any detail or description so that you get a real feel of what is going on.
It is 1912 and Margret is a London orphan who lives in a convent. She gets a job assisting a rich American woman as she travels from London to New York on the greatest ship ever built, the Titanic.
When the journey ends in the famous disaster, Margret has to leave a friend behind. What will happen to Robert? The story has a slight romantic twist and lots of excitement. Margaret is one of the small amount to survive that fateful night, when more than 1,500 people died. As the Historical Note says:
'The night the Titanic sank was one of darkness and courage, nobility and despair. For the most part, the very best of humanity was on display- with the very worst of results. It was a night that will never be forgotten.' 
The back includes a helpful timeline and interesting facts on the Titanic. You can buy it here on amazon.

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