Saturday, 17 August 2013

I ♥ Chevrons!

I have been looking around online fabric shops for striped fabrics for a project I'm considering at the moment. I do like browsing around all the covetable loveliness stocked online, it's so inspiring! I do find prices a bit higher than local fabric stores, though. My only issue with online shopping for fabrics is how I can't be sure of the thickness of the fabric. I can picture jersey or felt but something like cotton can vary in weight.

Zig Zag – Storm Grey

I have always liked pale stripes and little spots, but when I saw the bold coloured zig-zags I was surprised at how much I like them! Of course, I've seen chevrons before, but never been that taken with them. I especially like to match the plain grey chevrons with brighter colours in my mind, so I can imagine a contrast pocket or something similar.
I haven't brought anything yet, so can't recommend the fabric or it's weight, but from a design point of view, here are some favourites!

The above grey fabrics are from Fabric Rehab, which stocks a great varitey of fabrics, many gorgeous prints. Browsing here was where I first came across my love for chevron! I like the differentness of the greys, it would be interesting to buy both, just for comparison.

Medium Chevron – Green

Most of the featured fabrics are 'medium chevron' from Riley Blake. I like the simplicity and scale of the zig-zags.

medium chevron yellow - riley blake flannel
The other fabrics shown here, including the yellow above, are from the eternal maker. Again, a lovely shop with a wide variety. They sell beautiful japanese fabrics, which are quirky, fun, and and very detailed prints.

medium chevron aqua - riley blake flannel
I just love the bright colour here! Bright solids are great for chevron because the white background can support it so it doesn't look way too full on!

I like the use of three colours here, which has a great effect, especially as the colours are muted slightly.

Sweetwater- Zig Zag Stripe
Look out for more chevron inspiration! Finally, here are a few questions for you. (At the end because if you've read the post then you will probably want to answer!) 
Do you like these fabrics? What online fabric shops do you like?


  1. What a lovely selection - I like all of them, but particularly the green (I'm going through a green phase at the moment!) and the bottom sweetwater one (because it would go with everything.
    I was browsing the fabrics in John Lewis and bought red satin to make a christmas cape for a panda (long story.....!)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, the green one is lovely, though I am also particularly taken with the yellow. I am intrigued about the cape now... assuming it wasn't for a real panda?!


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