Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Card Making

It's funny how the 14 things are turning out... when I started I would have expected to write less on inspiration and food than art and craft, but no, it's the other way around! And then now, I've suddenly realised that I at the moment have only got 13 labels up there. What did I miss? It's card making.
I'm wondering why that is. I go through card-making sprees, and I just haven't had one recently. And cards are quite hard (for me) to photograph. And I don't want anyone to copy my designs! I work very hard on said designs, and I never really make two cards the same. My style is lots of paper or tissue paper cuttings, layered up with a handwritten message (which sometimes smudges.) So now I've taken photos of my cards, labeled them with my blog address (as with the bible posters) for you to take inspiration from!

I save up tissue paper I'm given like a small animal hoarding food, so many of my designs feature it, mainly in heart shapes. However I have to be careful I use a glue that won't show through once it dries or break the tissue when you apply it. 

My papers are mostly from The Paper Stack, a big book from Crafter's Weekly. The one below was inspired by the garden themed papers section, all so cute and lovely! 

The bird cage design above uses a variety of prints of paper, my theme was one floral/antique paper bird cage and one modern pattern bird cage per row. The designs below use fabric glued to card, which is tricky to get looking straight, but produces a nice effect. I covered my '6' which was made from plain white card with glue then sprinkled over glitter. 

What card is your favourite? I hope you've been inspired in your card making! 

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