Thursday 15 August 2013

Fabric Covered Notebook

I have been making these notebooks as gifts for a while now. This is a project I always return to: it's quick to make, looks cute, a gift to suit anyone, the supplies are easily available to me and I can send it in the post. So, now I'm sure you're dying to see how it's made ; P here's a tutorial!

First, you'll need this stuff:

a blank white A6 card
A piece of fabric about 2" larger (on all sides) than your card
3-5 pieces of A4 paper
Sewing machine
Long arm stapler (I'll talk about alternatives later)

Iron the fabric and cut to size, using the card as a guide. Fold the edges into a hem, by folding each fabric edge up to the edge of the card, and then folding both layers over the bottom of the card. Fold 2 opposite sides first.

Now sew along the edge of the card to secure the 2 sides. Fold the other 2 edges and sew,  trying to meet the ends of your other sewing. 
Sew around the edge of the whole card in a continuos line, with the front facing up as you sew. Fold the card along the fold line.
So, all you have to do now is secure the paper into the notepad. Cut each piece of paper in half, then fold in half. When choosing how many pieces of paper to include, remember, each piece of A4 paper makes 4 pages. I would recommend having no more than 20 pages. 
Put the papers into your cover, and you will see that the ends of the paper stick out further than the cover. You can choose to ignore this, or carefully trim the edges down to fit the cover.
Last thing to do is staple in the pages with 2 staples along the spine of the book. Staple from the top of the book so that the sharp ends are hidden inside. You could sew in the pages rather than stapling, but you'll probably have to use less paper to make it go through the machine!

You can use only coloured card for the cover instead of covering it with fabric. 
You can cover your pad in two fabrics by cutting each piece of fabric to half the size of the notepad, plus the 2" hem. Lay the fabrics, right sides together, and sew along one long edge. Iron the seam open and use as in the instructions. 
Decorate the cover by appliquéing on other fabric shapes before using to cover the notebook.

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