Thursday 17 July 2014

Holiday pictures

However many drafts I have in my post folder I just never seem to get around the adding the finishing touches in time to schedule posts, hence the long absence of posts as I have been on holiday. I was in beautiful Cornwall for two relaxing weeks, it was such a great opportunity to practise with my camera! I've also got a recommended recipe that I tried out in the big farmhouse kitchen, but I'll test it again and try to take some better photographs.

I thought I'd write a post sharing some pictures from the holiday, but there are so many it was difficult to choose! These ones are from a walk up a big hill called Roughtor which was really beautiful and wild scenery. There were sheep everywhere, and loads of boulders and piles of stone, which are the remains from an ancient settlement. More holiday photo posts will be coming soon!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, it's really nice to hear from readers! I wasn't able to reply as usual because of being on holiday. Also sorry this post was so late, but I hope you enjoy the photos!

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  1. What lovely photos - they make me realise I really neeeeed a holiday!


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