Friday, 14 March 2014

Vintage-Style Card Making

Recently I've not had much time for blogging (or to finish sewing that potholder!) so it was lovely to have ten minutes yesterday with beautiful sunlight and some time to create. The weather has been so changeable recently: from mist and cold to beautiful sunshine and warmth! I started out scrapbooking some vintage-style items I had been saving for a while but it soon lead on to the idea for this card. I thought I'd practice my photography and document the process. The finished card is far from perfect, I would change a few things, but what I wanted to show is the process of creating a card from some random craft items.

I started with a blank card, some lace, a luggage tag, vintage layered sticker, and some washi tape. I gather a lot of things with the same theme ('vintage-style' for instance) and then see which ones I use.

Next I lay the items over to card to work out where each will go and in what order. I find that this is better than layering up as you go along but I'm sure you could pull that off nicer than I could.

Now I start to build the card. Glue is my worst enemy because its so easy to get your fingers and card dirty but its also my best friend because it's an invisible way to attach things like lace as it dries clear.

I like to add a little extra length to my lace when I cut it to the sides of the card so that I can fold it over and glue it on the back to create a neater finish.

Trimming the luggage tag down to fit to the card at the right angle is a little tricky, I think I tweaked mine too much because it's ended up a bit small. If you can notice, the pattern builds up layers that are either going straight across the card or at an angle.

Finishing touches now. The message is written with a pencil first and then I go over in pen. And at the last moment  I decided that a bow would balance things out nicely.

So finished it is. Next time I would change a few things, but I hope you enjoyed watching the process.

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