Wednesday 27 November 2013

Graze {A Free Gift For You}

 Okay, so this is first post for what… over a week. Trying to finish writing a novel is my only excuse right now. Sorry. So I'm kind of pleased that this post will help me feel better and more like a good blog writer who keeps it all up and inspirational, and hosts giveaways. Because this is better than your average giveaway… everyone gets something. Something yummy and fun from!
Let me explain. Graze is a company which sends lovely boxes of better-for-you snacks in the mail so that you can enjoy them at home or work, or send one to someone you love. There are 100 small nibbles to choose from: seeds, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate mixes, dippers, heather cakes (that come with a tea blend made to go!) and the graze brownie. You receive four different snacks in each box and can control which ones you are sent by rating the foods as to weather you hate, like, or love each one.
So, for the good part: you can get one free box when you sign up using my friendcode!
Just click here to get your free box. Complete the sign up process to receive a little gift from me!

Disclosure: When you sign up you will have to give card details though they won't take any payment from you. Graze will automatically send you weekly boxes which you will be charged for unless you cancel deliveries after you receive your first box, which is fine. I have not been sponsored or asked to write this, just thought I'd share the love!

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