Friday 1 November 2013

Embroidery {Psalm 106 vs 1}

During November I am trying to write a novel! Crazy, I know, but it was NaNoWriMo young writer's program that inspired me to do it. Because I am now going to be writing like crazy, I will not be able to post so regularly, so I'm starting off with some projects I've completed earlier and saved for a times like now! : )
I finished this embroidery in time for Mother's Day earlier this year as a gift to my mum. I really liked doing the embroidery, but like most of my gifts, it was a bit of a stretch to get it done in time! I worked on this watching a movie, at a friends house, and at any spare moment I got in my room. 

I can't remember why I picked this particular verse, probably just because I liked the words. It mentions the Lord in every line, and also his goodness and mercy. I hope it is reminder to praise the Lord and give Him thanks to everyone who sees it in our living room! My mum chose this nice frame, the glass of it measures 7.5" x 9.5" to fit the  fabric.

I chose a large piece of thick white cotton and used embroidery thread for everything except the tree, merely because I had no green embroidery thread! Using an ordinary (HB) pencil I lightly sketched the design onto the fabric after practicing a few times on paper. I started with the tree outline, then the words, and finished with the flowers at the bottom and the tree trunk detail. It is all done in running stitch, where a would sew around the word or an individual letter once, then go back and fill in the gaps. I used two or three strands of the thread and an embroidery needle. I put the fabric onto an embroidery hoop to make it easier to work with. I filled the tree top with simple (almost) straight lines of running stitch.  I'm sure there are many other stitch techniques that could work, I'm not saying this is definitely the way to do it! 

Here is the back, not very pretty, but I just wanted to show how I folded the edges in (to neaten the front and make it fit in the frame,) and then iron over interfacing to help it keep the right shape. It's really hard not to have a few wrinkles though! 

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  1. I admire you for finishing it - I'm a great starter of things....and then forgetting about it!


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