Monday, 9 September 2013

Heart Needlecase

Needle-cases make sweet gifts for those who sew, and are quick to make. Give them with a set of sewing pins or needles and your gift can be used straight away! You can add embellishments and decorative stitches to make something unique. It is also a perfect project for a sewer who is starting out, as something so easy produces nice results! 

I used two pieces of coloured felt for the front and back of the case, and two pieces of white felt to hold the pins or needles. Cut them together using the same template so that they are all the same size. Before you sew them together you can decorate the front. Here I stitched a small heart of pink felt onto a larger heart of Aida (fabric used for cross-stitching) and sewed it onto the front. A small line of stitching at the side will hold it all together and allow it to open out flat. Now all you have to do is decide weather you can bear to part with it!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I COULD not bear to part with it! L.O.L.
    Have a happy week!


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