Sunday 22 September 2013

A Quilt in the Making

I have been saving fabrics in blue or pink for a while to make a quilt. The idea is to match each floral fabric with a spotty fabric, and have them in a large squares of 9 pieces of fabric. I worked a lot on different patterns and decided to have 18 large squares. The small pieces are 5'' squares. I want the finished quilt to fit a single bed. Before being sewn, lain out on the floor it measures 45''x 90''. My bed is 40''x80'' and the quilt will shrink down to that once all the seams are sewn. I'm not sure how I'll quilt it!

I've decided to go ahead and start sewing the squares I already have fabric for. I'm doing strips of three, alternating between 2 spotty and 1 floral and 2 floral and 1 spotty square. 

Now I'm sewing 3 strips together to make one square, alternating the strips. It is essential that the squares are cut neatly, I'm having to measure and cut almost every square again so that the lines will match when it's all together.

Now I've been told that different weight fabrics aren't good in a quilt! I don't plan to try washing this so I'm just hoping that it will work with my two weights: thinnish cotton and thick cotton fabric from Clarke & Clarke (one of my favourite designers.) 

I need to go the fabric shop to buy more matching fabric for the rest of the quilt. I'm planning on having more blue spotty fabric and pink roses. I'll update as the quilt progresses. I'm actually quite excited about this!

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