Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Girly Gift Pouch

This year I have decided to sew most of my gifts for other people. My younger sister is going to be 11 and I wanted something to suit her. It tried to make shorts but it was way harder than I had anticipated so I settled for something easier. First I thought pencil case and then I was told about this lovely tutorial on the blog Flossie Teacakes. I made this pouch for my sister to use as a small pencil case or a make up bag. I put some hair clips and bands and some sweets into it before I wrapped it up. 
Maybe you know someone who would like this as a gift?


  1. I loved it. It is very handy and soooooo cute :D

  2. Wow - love the look of the bag, it's really sweet! yes, I'm sure lots of girls would love to receive something like that as a present - I'm pretty sure I would!! :-)


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