Tuesday 30 July 2013

Ashely-inspired Bunting

One of my favourite blogs is Under the Sycamore where Ashley shares her beautiful photographs, craft projects, and stories of life with her cute children. Recently she shared a DIY tutorial of a bunting made with fabric strips and playing cards. I was inspired to make an Ashley-style bunting made with fabric strips. It was fun and easy to make!

I loved looking through all our fabric scraps for my pink and purple theme. I alternated one pink one purple, with 6 fabrics repeated in order. 

I started in the afternoon yesterday and finished this morning. My bunting is quite short, probably around 2 1/2 ft. I looped the doubled strips under the main strip and pushed the end through and pulled it tight.

Taking photos was hard because it's long and thin! I had to change where I thought it would hang to the landing above the stairs. The white background looked better than before but a lot of cropping was involved!

I made my collage on PicMonkey which is a fun photo editing site with a variety of styles to choose from in free collage. This last picture was made on the Editor using the second effect on the list, the name of which I have forgotten!

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