Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

I’ve really enjoyed the Easter holidays and the lovely springtime weather. The past two weeks have given me time to really get to know my new camera. I've discovered that I really love photography, and when I did a photoshoot for my younger sister and her friend it made me think that I would like to be a fashion photographer. I also got up really close to a white stag at Knole, and took pictures by the River Thames, which I'll share later. The photos here are from a visit to my granddad’s farm, where there were we visited week-old calves and bluebell woods. The floor was just carpeted with the beautiful purple flowers! I was looking for some wildlife to enter into the RSPB WildPix, but I didn't see any to photograph, as we probably scared it all away!

I wish everyone a Happy Easter, but more than that, a truly meaningful one as you celebrate Jesus amazing Resurrection!


  1. What lovely photos!

    Happy easter to you

  2. Such a lovely post, beautiful sentiments and stunning photos! x

  3. Gorgeous photos! Have you got any of the fashion shots you did?? :-)


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