Saturday 22 March 2014

The Jean Repair Method

I thought that I would eventually grow out of making rips in my jeans from climbing trees and falling off my scooter. But even though I've stopped climbing trees, falling off scooters, (or riding them for that matter!) I still manage to rip every pair of jeans I own. Having not the money for a new pair (I spent it on a camera!) enter my cute and (pretty cool) jean repair method! It fixes the rips so that they still look cool and ripped, but they don't gape open and the holes don't get any bigger. Win-win situation here guys! I did try to get a photo wearing them on as they do look better on.

And it's really easy to do. Cut a patch of fabric that will fit over the hole with space all around it, and cut a piece of bonda-web to the same size. Then position your fabric sandwich so that the flattened jeans are first, then bondweb, then fabric face down lined up with it. Iron until stuck. See how you get the rips and the fabric peeping through.

Then taking a colour that goes with the jeans in thread (mine had yellow stitching) and sew running stitch around the edge of the holes. The stitches add some texture so they don't have to be tenny-tiny but if they are too huge they won't hold when you wash them. Pretty and done!


  1. So cute! I love your fabric, and the yellow stitches.

  2. When I was in high school, the more ripped and frayed your jeans were, the better they looked. Especially around the cuffs, we would wear our jeans way too long and the cuffs would get torn and start falling off. Oh, the 90s... ;)

    I saw another interesting tutorial on how to fix rips in jeans on Pinterest, I believe it was using a traditional darning technique.

    1. Yes, they didn't look too bad, it just annoys me when my theres a hole! I've tried a few methods, and this is my favourite. xx


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