Wednesday, 4 December 2013

{Christmas Crafts} Yarn Along {4th December}

I always love reading the Yarn Along posts at Small Things blog and today I thought I'd join in with my latest Christmas knit! Unfortunately my read isn't as exciting as 'The Greatest Gift,' which sounds lovely and I really want to get. Maybe next Advent.

I knit one of these hearts from a free pattern from Yarn Tree Designs and am beginning a second one. The pattern is very easy to follow and makes a lovely little heart, the size depends on what size needles and wool you use. I used DK wool (my needles aren't marked but they suit the wool very well) and at the largest point my heart is about 7cm. I only made one tiny addition to the pattern, knitting a little string so that I can hang the heart as a decoration. I literally just kept knitting this one stitch back and forth until it was a long enough chain. (I'm sure a crochet chain would look better, if you know how to crochet, which I don't!)I was a little disappointed with my embroidery skills for the rework on this heart, hopefully I can do better next time. Find the free downloadable pattern here.

And on to my recommended read, 'The Magician's Nephew' from C. S. Lewis 'The Chronicles of Narnia' series. I absolutely love this series of books since they were read to me when I was younger and I am now going back to read them all over again. I started with this book and realised why these books have such a draw to them. The descriptions are really beautiful and lovely, I recognised some parts from the book from when I'd read them quoted elsewhere. I was reading parts out to my sister one evening because I thought they were so great. The story plot is very fast-paced and the writer has such a good imagination for all the strange things that happen in the different worlds he has invented in the book.


  1. I love the Narnia books, and my kids do too - we have them on audiobook and they listen to them all the time!


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