Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Yarn Along

The start of autumn weather brings the start of knitting season in our household (or pom-pom making season for younger members of the family!) I've started with something easy, a small dolls dress in stocking stitch. I'm at beginner level at the moment, so the rib at the bottom of my knitting was so embarrassing it's not in the photo! The knit that is starting to come through is the contrasting bodice. Those red needles.. yes, they are actually great to knit small things with as they are so short and a good size for dk wool. 
'To Kill A Queen' is from the My Story series, and I've almost finished it. It is the diary of Kitty, whose mother and father live near the court of Queen Elizabeth I. There are many plots to kill the Queen and Kitty's father works to keep her safe. It makes good light fiction reading for girls.

I am linking up with Yarn Along on Small Things.

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  1. Hi!
    To kill a Queen is very good! Your knitting looks lovely!


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