Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mustang, Wild Sprit of the West by Marguerite Henry

This book is one that has captivated me since when I read the first chapter a couple of years ago. I have read it probably three time more since then, twice after having received it for my birthday (upon request.) It is my personal favourite out of all the Marguerite Henry books I've read, next in line being 'King of the Wind.' I was surprised to see that these are quite rare books!

One of the reasons I have been gripped by this book is that, especially when I was going through a 'horse-mad' phase, it was about mustangs, which I hadn't heard much about. It is written from the point of Annie, who later in the story is named 'Wild Horse Annie,' who has always had a special bond with mustangs. She tells her life story, living on a ranch on Nevada and growing up with horses. Some parts shine with happiness and some parts are so sad, I cried when I first read them.
When Annie grows up and marries Charlie, who helped on the ranch, they buy the ranch and work hard to keep it. But one day Annie finds out about the round-up and slaughter of wild mustangs to be made into canned dog food. Along with others, Annie starts to fight against these cruel practices, eventually making her way to Washington to protect all mustangs and keep them roaming free.

There are also lovely illustrations which are done in ink, I think. The book has over 200 pages.

This book can be brought from amazon sellers or from Alibris.

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